Become A Part of the Conversation

Mosaic would like you to join us in what promises to be informative events in our community. We plan on having a series of speaker panels which will discuss Jews of Color (JOCs) and other related topics. Our panels seek to educate and create further awareness about the lived experiences of JOCs. We feel wider dialogue will enhance understanding, help build alliances, and inspire us to repair the world.

Who Are We? 

A Collective for racially and ethnically diverse Jews, this is a safe space for Jews of Color to come together to discuss social and civil justice, diversity, and strengthen the Jewish community. Through conversation and dialogue, we will strategize ways to unify the American Jewish community on how to be more inclusive of Jews from all racial and ethnic backgrounds through actions.

We believe in deeds and not only words; Pirkei Avot reminds us that deeds of loving-kindness are one of the pillars on which the world stands. Whether you were born Jewish or are a Jew by choice, identify as a Jew of Color or as an ally, you are welcome to find out more about our Collective by signing up here.